Once Christmas is over and the holiday decorations come down, winter can quickly start to feel a lot more gloomy. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can still maintain a cozy winter vibe after the tree goes into storage. At Kudos, we love creating DIY winter decor because it’s unique and you can have fun while making it!

There are endless creative ways to create your own winter decor, from repurposing old sweaters to make pillows to using mittens to create garland. Adding pops of color throughout your home using garlands or wreathes is another great way to make your home feel more inviting. Don’t be fooled into thinking garland or wreathes 1are items you can only use for the holidays – they add a natural element all year-round!

Here are a few ideas for creating fabulous DIY decor all winter long.

●        Tap into Nature

Go outside and get items you wouldn’t otherwise use to decorate, such as pine cones, branches, or chestnuts. These simple items will add a touch of natural element to any room. We especially recommend this idea if you have a fireplace! Placing greenery on the table and shelves will aliven the indoors.

●        Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Dark colored rooms can seem extra dreary during the darkest of winter days. Don’t think the only option is to re-paint. Instead, work with plenty of color when creating your winter decor. Brightly colored items will add a pop of color to the room with minimal time and energy.

●        Garland Made of Mittens

Winter gear keeps you warm, and it also turns out it can be a great decoration tool. Turning mittens into mitten garland is not only beautiful, it can also be a fun way to get your children involved in decorating. If you want to level-up this idea, you can even include other items like skis, snowboards, or other wintery gear.

●        Wreaths are a Must

Don’t think that expensive holiday wreaths are the only option you have if you want to display a wreath during winter. You can create a simple wreath with items such as fresh greens, pine cones, flowers, and more. Placing your handmade wreath on a central wall or above the fireplace is a beautiful option.

●        Hot Chocolate Bar

When people think of a bar in a home, they often think of wine, beer, or alcohol. Setting up a hot chocolate bar is a fun and family-friendly way to celebrate the winter season.

If DIY holiday decorations seem like too much work, you can always stop in to Kudos and check out our seasonal home decor. We’re a mother-and-daughter-owned boutique located in Hudson. Call the shop at 715-808-0385 or stop in today to find out what seasonal decor items are waiting for you!