Terrariums, at their most basic, are planters that are fully or mostly enclosed in glass. However, if you build one, you’ll soon see it’s more like a miniature forest you keep in your home. In an enclosed terrarium, your plants and water soon form a miniature ecosystem that even includes its own water cycle. Versions with open tops may not get the “rainforest effect,” but they will still be much different from plants that grow in standard pots.


With all types of terrariums, the effect is far more impressive than what can be obtained with standard potted plants. The interplay of plants and moss, combined with the glass enclosure, will invariably draw the eye and bring wonder to the viewer.

Learn How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Here at Kudos in Hudson, Wisconsin, we offer terrarium workshops that make it easy to create your own successful terrarium. We provide the plants, base rocks, soil, moss, at least two plants, and decorations. We’ll also teach you exactly what to do with them and how to care for them once you get home. This is the most foolproof way to get started with creating your own plant-based mini-world!

What Else Can be Done with Terraria?

Once you master your basic terrarium, you’ll likely want to take the concept further. One popular variation includes small invertebrate animals to help keep mold and algae under control. Snails, springtails, and other debris-eaters (detritivores) are commonly recommended for these purposes.


Since these beings feed on things like fallen leaves and fungi, you don’t need to worry about feeding them. There is also plenty of water already in a terrarium to keep them hydrated. Our starter terraria don’t include these creatures, but you can learn more about them by asking your Kudos terrarium workshop instructor.

●        Basic terraria are great for beginners. They let you build a mini-world without too many elements to maintain.

●        Intermediate versions add a few small invertebrates to help with fungi and algae.

●        Expert-level terraria may have a wide variety of creatures and use huge, several-gallon tanks. There is really no limit as to how far you can take this hobby if you have the time. It easily scales to however much you choose to put into it.

How to Sign Up for our Workshops

To sign up for a Kudos terrarium building workshop, just stop by our store in Hudson, WI or give us a call at 715-808-0385. We’ll be glad to schedule you for our next available class.