Redecorating an entire home can seem like quite the challenge. A good approach to redecorating is to tackle one room at a time, and your bedroom is a principal room. Similarly, having to go from store to store to find what you need can be overwhelming. Kudos boutique is a family-owned one-stop-shop you can turn to when you want to find an eclectic variety of vintage furniture, refurbished furniture, and vintage home décor. Below are some things to keep in mind as you begin your redecorating journey.

1. When to Redecorate

A good rule of thumb for how long to keep a mattress is to change it out every eight years. Waiting eight years to redecorate your bedroom can leave your sleeping space worn out and outdated, leaving you feeling the same way. Within the eight-year lifetime of your mattress, it’s best to change up the décor two to three times. If within that two-to-three-year timeframe you start feeling like your bedroom is not as refreshing as it once seemed, it is time to change it up.

2. How Much to Change

There are multiple aspects of a bedroom you can focus on when it’s time to change things up. Repainting every 12-24 months will help to keep the room refreshed and revitalized, and it is also inexpensive. You don’t even have to paint every wall and can change the color with painting one accent wall. If the main pieces of furniture as well as the flooring remain neutral, you can add pops of color with other smaller pieces that are more inexpensive to change out.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Quality of the pieces you purchase is ideal. Getting two quality pieces you love versus ten pieces you kind of like will help you to stay pleased with the ambiance in your bedroom. An easy way to find quality items is to locate vintage or refurbished pieces. Vintage pieces are not mass-produced pieces from large chain furniture stores, but quality items built years ago that have withstood the test of time.


When it’s time to redo, change, or add a pop of revitalization to your bedroom, make your way to Hudson, WI and let Kudos help you find the quality vintage piece or pieces your bedroom is waiting for. Call us today at 715.808.0385 or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.