At Kudos, we love upcycling because it’s not only environmentally-friendly, but also brings interest and warmth to your home decor. If you’re new to crafting, making a wreath is a great place to start! With clippings from your own yard and few simple supplies, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece to hang on your front door. And once the greens fade, you can take the wreath apart and make a new one as the seasons change! Here are step-by-step instructions for building a wreath.


Collect Your Supplies

You will need a few things from your craft store to get started:


●        Spool of floral wire

●        Wire wreath frame

●        Bundle of raffia

●        Sharp scissors


What will you put on your wreath? That is entirely up to you. Evergreens from pine, juniper, and spruce provide lasting background color. Ribbon, picks from your local floral design center, small plush toys, tiny ornaments – it is all your decision. Think about using colors that complement or contrast with your door so the wreath stands out.


Cut the Trimmings

Start cutting your trimmings down so there is about two to three inches of stem you can use to attach them to the wreath frame. Think about how the greenery will appear as you start positioning it around the wreath. Shorter tips with tightly grown needles will create a more bushy appearance, while longer ones may give the wreath a looser and more casual look. Choose several kinds of greenery to add interest and depth to your design.


Start Wrapping

Before you can start adding greenery and other decorations, you’ll need to wrap the frame with raffia – a type of natural ribbon. Hold an end of the raffia in place with your thumb, and start wrapping the strand over the frame. Wrapping the frame in raffia stabilizes it and gives your picks something to grab on to when you are finalizing the design.


After your frame is completely wrapped, cut about two feet of wire, and wrap it around the frame to create a hanging loop. Leave the loop such that it does not get wrapped up in your greenery and it provides a visual top center from which to work.


Now you are ready to start adding your greens. Place the first piece where you want it, and secure it to the frame by wrapping floral wire around the stem and frame. Select the next tip, position, and continue to wrap without cutting the wire. Give your wire and the tip a tug to ensure everything will stay in place before moving onto the next tip.


Work around the frame until the wreath is completely filled with your background greens. Make sure that your last tip is tucked under the first tip to hide its stem.


The Finishing Touches

Complete your wreath with a simple bow, or adorn it with any floral or fun bits that speak to you. Use your loop to hang it on your door.


To create more upcycled decor for your home or yard, check out our hands-on classes at Kudos! We host a variety of interactive classes on floral arrangements, wreath making, planting terrariums, chalk painting, and more. All are welcome! To find out about upcoming classes, give us a call at 715-808-0385, or take a look at our events calendar.