Have you heard of upcycling? Are you aware of its far-reaching benefits for your local community and our ever-deteriorating environment? At Kudos, we love taking something old, giving it a bit of love—and a fresh coat of chalk paint—and repurposing it for continued use. And, while we certainly love the aesthetic appeal of each final product, we’re equally enamored with the way those products contribute positively to our planet. Curious about how choosing upcycled home decor can help you make a positive impact on our environment? Let’s take a quick peek!

Upcycling Supports Local Businesses

Shopping small offers a variety of benefits to your local community, including:

●        Creating additional jobs

●        Facilitating community interaction and involvement

●        Improving your local economy

●        Keeping large volumes of product packaging waste out of local landfills

●        Supporting your neighbors’ livelihoods

Opting for vintage furniture and upcycled home decor doesn’t just improve your home’s aesthetic appeal; your choice strengthens your community and allows you to play a valuable role within it. And, when you choose to shop local, when your friends (inevitably) ask you where you found your one-of-kind items, you can take them directly to the source. If they choose to shop local, too, you’ve just created a powerful chain reaction that does more to support your community than big box stores ever will!

Upcycling Reduces Transportation Costs & Emissions

Do you know how much fuel it takes to transport goods around the globe? While costs vary depending on the size of the transport vessel, on average, a large cargo ship consumes about 225 tons of fuel per day. Based on conservative cost estimates, that equates to approximately $80,000 per shipment!

Beyond the cost of fuel, it’s also important to consider the significant impact those fuel emissions have on the global environment. Because the majority of furniture pieces sold in the United States were manufactured overseas, purchasing off-the-shelf pieces essentially supports wasteful transportation practices that harm our environment. By choosing upcycled home decor, you’re choosing to be a conscientious consumer, and you should feel amazing about how your decision helps shape a better environmental future for our planet.

Upcycling Cuts Down on Unnecessary Waste

Us humans have a curious tendency to toss out perfectly usable items in favor of the next best thing. While anyone can certainly appreciate a shiny new toy, all that “trash” accumulates rather quickly, and it can have very detrimental effects on the local ecosystem. Opting for upcycled home decor helps keep unnecessary waste out of your local landfills, which helps your community thrive long term.

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